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A.K. Traders

AK Traders supplies it products to various sectors like – Railways, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, Tea Gardens, NGOs, Churches and Mosques.

We also regularly partner with K C Paul & Sons to bring variety to our product range. To further our growth, AK Traders has a sister concern company – Ma Mansa Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission: To provide a wide range of high quality products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
Our Vision: To scale new heights and strive for better growth with all.
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AK Traders has been moving from strength to strength with the help of the tireless efforts of it partners - Ashok Kumar Agarwal and Anoop Agarwal who have now been joined by Raghav Agarwal and Keshav Agarwal.

Ashok Kumar Agarwal

Anoop Kumar Agarwal

Raghav Agarwal

Keshav Agarwal


46, Jamuna Lal Bazaz Street, Kolkata - 700 007 (Rani Kothi)

Landline No.

033 2268 5900

Mobile No.

+91 98310 46836 | +91 98318 01962
+91 98317 02220 | +91 97428 04845